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Join us for LLD 2017!  Learn more about the Lodge and the Order of the Arrow, and find your role in the lodge!  Training, fellowship, food and fun!

Who will lead our lodge next year?  Make your voice heard on Sunday morning, with the election of the 2018 Lodge Officers.

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Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 12.31.32 PMTapped out. It is only twice that an Arrowman is selected by their peers to ascend to a position in the Order of the Arrow. First, after being selected by their troop-mates to become a candidate elect for the ordeal. Then after 10 or more months that may take on the challenges of the brotherhood when they feel ready. Two years after of service and devoted participation to lodge, chapter, troop or community they may be bestowed by lodge youth the honor to complete the challenges that come with the vigil.

June 17th, Following an ordeal ceremony and an amazing meal with 37 of our newest members, chief Allowat Sakima adorned with fox fir regalia entered the dining hall to the cadence of a drum. It was then that vigils from several decades were asked to emerge from the crowd and line up before the ordeal and brotherhood  members. Once all was silent one by one guides wondered around the dining hall in search of a prospective candidate —once found they were approached from behind where they received a firm tap on the shoulders.

Dalton M, Owen M, Edward C, and James L were selected from the crowd -their brotherhood sash was then removed and replaced with a triangle totem (called a “cookie”) placed around their neck. These members as well as some others to be tapped out will assemble at Camp Bomazeen the second weekend in July to confirm their nomination.

Beginning in 1999 the National Order of the Arrow scouting organization began awarding matching grants to lodges across the country to help fund service initiatives.

In the fall of 2016 Madockawanda applied for the third time with the goal of installing outrigger frames to the tent platforms at Pine Tree Council’s Camp William Hinds. It was announced in January that our proposal had been approved along with 30 other lodges allowing funding to $50,000 to be expended to OA projects this year.

img_2211What is an outrigger? This is a set of bracket-like arms which are attached to the sides of a tent platform allowing the canvas walled tents to be tied off at the sides. Not only does this allow for a better and sturdy erected tent, but will enable tents to be set up more efficiently by summer staff, and will eliminate the need to replace stakes and long tent lines annually which pose as dangerous tripping hazards.

Over the recent years various troops have helped to install outriggers on some platforms throughout camp. In 2008 and 2010 the craftshop added a handful of outriggers to some platforms in MacMillan campsite as part of the woodworking and centennial carpentry merit badges. Our goal is to complete all platforms giving guests an equally nice tenting experience from 2017 and on…

Our grant can be matched up to a total of $1,000 by national. It has been calculated that each outrigger will need $125 in supplies. To complete this whole project we will need to raise roughly $19,000 of additional funds.

Sponsor a platform – Please join us in supporting the lodge to complete this project by donating the cost of a set of outriggers($125)! This fundraiser is open to anyone who wishes to donate, not just Arrowmen… Individuals, troops, packs, businesses or chartered partners can all donate. Send your donation to Madockawanda Lodge Service Grant Fund c/o Pine Tree Council, 146 Plains Road, Raymond, Maine 04071.

  • Lodge receives 2017 OA Service Grant!
    The Pine Tree Council, headquartered in Raymond, Maine, will receive $1,000 for 60 new tent platforms and the construction of outriggers on existing tent platforms at Camp William Hinds.