Lodge Rules of Operation – BYLAWS



  1. The name of this lodge of the Order of the Arrow shall be Madockawanda Lodge #271 W.W.W.
  2. The purpose of this lodge shall be in accordance with the statements of the purpose set forth in the Order of the Arrow handbook and in the Orientation booklet.
  3. This lodge will be affiliated with the Pine Tree Council-BSA, and shall be under the
    administrative authority of its Scout Executive.
  4. This lodge shall be divided into as many chapters as there are executive operating districts of the Pine Tree Council and the chapter shall take the name of their respective district.
  5. The totem of this lodge shall be the snapping turtle. The call of this lodge shall be one clap followed by two claps, in imitation of that totem.
  6. The standard set of colors for the lodge neckerchief shall be red and white.
  7. The possession of the lodge pocket flap is restricted to members of the lodge. There shall be a separate flap with a different design, which may be traded.
  8. The official lodge pocket flap shall be worn only on the right pocket flap of the official Scout or Explorer uniform.
  9. Any lodge National Conference trading patch shall be worn only by the delegates attending.
  10. Current BSA registration in the Pine Tree Council shall be a prerequisite for membership in this lodge.



  1. The requirements and procedures for election to membership shall be as stated in the official Order of the Arrow handbook.
  2. Procedures for the administration of unit elections:
    1. Conduct of elections
      1. Elections will be held between January 1 and April 15 of each year. Exceptions to this can be made by chapter advisers only, in consultation with the lodge adviser. Adult nominations have to accompany the election result for their respective troop.
      2. Elections will be held in chapters by trained election teams appointed by the chapter chiefs. Chapter election teams may allow a unit’s OA Troop Representative to assist in the election as part of the election team, given that the OA Troop Representative has himself been trained to conduct elections. In no election shall more than one member of the unit having the election be a part of the election team for that unit’s election.
      3. Request for elections must be made by the unit leader to the chapter chief, or his designee, or chapter adviser of the unit leader’s district.
      4. Reports of elections must be sent to the lodge adviser and be postmarked no later than the relevant deadline found in the current Lodge calendar.
      5. Candidate letters, written by the lodge chief to include time and place for the ordeal, equipment needed and other necessary information will be sent to the candidate by first class mail in advance of the first ordeal weekend.
      6. Election results are only valid and candidates are only elected to the Order when the election has been conducted by a trained Chapter election team, in accordance with the rules and policies set out in these Bylaws and by the National Committee of the Order of the Arrow.
    2. Preparation for elections
      1. An executive meeting to instruct chapter officers and members of duties and responsibilities in conducting elections will be held at the appropriate time, usually at the lodge leadership development weekend.
      2. Before January 1 a letter will be sent to all unit leaders by the lodge chief explaining the principles and purpose of the Order, and instructing them as to the election procedures.
      3. There may be elected by the lodge executive committee up to eight adults per year from council members at large. Chartered Organization Representatives are to be placed in the unit quotas.
      4. Any Order of the Arrow member transferring in from another lodge currently registered in his former lodge will transfer in at no charge. Transferring Arrowmen will be allowed to purchase one restricted lodge flap patch.



  1. The officers of this lodge shall be: Lodge Chief, Lodge Vice-Chief, Lodge Secretary, and Lodge Treasurer. These officers must be under 21 years of age throughout their entire term of office.
  2. In the event that any lodge officer becomes incapable of service, or fails to fulfill his duties, a replacement may be appointed by the remaining lodge officers in consultation with the lodge adviser. Removal from office shall be by vote of the active executive board members upon recommendation of the lodge adviser.
  3. In the event that any chapter officer becomes incapable of service, or fails to fulfill his duties, a replacement may be appointed by the remaining chapter officers in consultation with the chapter adviser. Removal from office shall be by vote of the active chapter members upon recommendation of the chapter adviser.
  4. The officers of each chapter shall be: Chapter Chief and such other officers as the chapter may deem necessary for the carrying out of their activities.
  5. The lodge officers shall be elected at the Annual Meeting in the fall with the new terms of office to begin January 1 immediately following, and lasting one year from that date. If any outgoing officer so wishes he may choose to step down at the time of election of his successor with that successor assuming the duties of his office immediately.
  6. The chapter officers shall be elected at a time which is practical for that chapter. Their term of office shall begin immediately following and lasting one year from that date. If any outgoing officer so wishes he may choose to step down at the time of election of his successor with that successor assuming the duties of his office immediately.
  7. The lodge and chapter advisers shall be appointed by the Scout Executive or his designee. Committee advisers shall be appointed by the lodge staff adviser and lodge adviser.
  8. No member of this lodge shall hold more than one elected office in the lodge. Any member holding office at the lodge level shall not hold any elected chapter office.
  9. The executive committee of the lodge shall consist of all duly elected lodge officers, chapter chiefs, all duly appointed lodge committee chairmen and advisers, all duly appointed lodge and chapter advisers, the immediate past lodge chief, and the Scout Executive or his representative. All business conducted at these meetings will be final with regards to Section X of these rules. A quorum of this committee shall consist of:
    1. At least four (4) members under the age of 21
    2. At least one (1) lodge officer
    3. At least two (2) advisers be present
  10. Arrangements shall be made by the Lodge Chief or Lodge Executive Committee for a training session for all newly elected lodge and chapter officers.
  11. The Lodge Chief may at any time appoint such special committees as are necessary for the execution of the Lodge’s affairs.
  12. The Chapter Chief may at any time appoint such special committees as are necessary for the execution of the Chapter’s affairs.



  1. The order of election for lodge officers shall be:
    1. Lodge Chief
    2. Lodge Vice Chief
    3. Lodge Secretary
    4. Lodge Treasurer
  2. Nominations shall be allowed from the floor for each office.
  3. At the close of nominations each nominee will be given a chance to speak for five (5) minutes
  4. After the speeches, each chapter will caucus separately for five (5) minutes to decide which of the nominated candidates they support.
  5.  Each chapter chief or acting representative shall cast a number of votes up to the number of youth members present from that chapter, at the time of the voting for each Lodge Office, up to a maximum of ten (10) votes, for the candidate(s) the chapter supports. No fractions of a vote will be allowed.
  6. A candidate for an office must receive a majority (50% of the votes plus one). If this is not achieved a run-off shall occur between the two candidates receiving the highest votes. Each Candidate shall receive two (2) minutes to speak. Each chapter shall caucus for five (5) minutes, and vote again.
  7. In the case of a tie vote, the current officers shall caucus immediately to cast the deciding vote.
  8. This procedure will be followed for each office.
  9. Chapter Chiefs and any other elected chapter office shall be elected by the plurality vote of all the members of the chapter present and voting at the election meeting.



  1. The lodge will hold at least one meeting and at least two other activities annually.
  2. The time and place of these activities must be set by action of the executive committee at least one month prior to said activity.
  3. The executive committee may call special activities of the lodge and notification and purpose of such activity must be given to all active members through the lodge newsletter and/or special mailing.
  4. The executive committee of this lodge shall hold meetings every other month from September to May inclusive. Notice of such meetings must be sent to all members of said committee through the lodge newspaper or special letter.
  5. Special meetings of the executive committee may be called by the Lodge Chief or the Scout Executive.
  6. Each meeting of the lodge shall open with the Obligation of the Order of the Arrow and shall close with the Song of the Order.
  7. Members over the age of 21 are not allowed to vote.
  8. The Lodge shall publish a newsletter to be distributed to each member of the Lodge. The newsletter shall be published at least four (4) times a year.



  1. The induction fee of the lodge shall include:
    1. 1 Ordeal Sash
    2. 1 Lodge flap patch (restricted)
    3. 1 Order of the Arrow Handbook
    4. Dues for the current year
    5. Membership card
    6. Lodge orientation booklet
  2. The dues of the lodge shall be $10.00 plus the national fee per calendar year effective immediately.
  3. The annual dues must be paid prior to December 31 for the following year. All members who are active will receive notification of dues through the lodge newsletter or special mailing. If dues are not paid by December 31, membership will be considered inactive and membership will expire.
  4. Dues are payable to the Lodge Treasurer. Dues should be sent to Pine Tree Council or paid at any official lodge activity. Make checks payable to Pine Tree Council.
  5. All approved bills will be paid by the council office.
  6. All Lodge funds shall be payable to the Pine Tree Council or Madockawanda Lodge #271. All lodge funds shall be sent to Pine Tree Council in care of the Lodge Treasurer. All lodge funds shall be held in trust by the Pine Tree Council and shall go through the normal accounting procedures used by the council.



  1. The attainment of Brotherhood membership shall be in accordance with the latest edition of the Order of the Arrow Handbook.
  2. Upon attainment of the Brotherhood membership, and upon paying the brotherhood fee, a brother shall be given:
    1. 1 Brotherhood Sash
    2. 1 Lodge flap patch (restricted)
    3. Membership Card



  1. The attainment of Vigil Honor membership shall be in accordance with the latest edition of the Order of the Arrow Handbook.
  2. Upon attainment of the Vigil Honor, the brother shall be given:
    1. 1 Vigil Sash
    2. 1 Lodge flap patch (restricted)
    3. Membership Card
    4. 1 Vigil certificate
    5. 1 Vigil pin
    6. 1 Vigil Ceremony booklet



  1. Ceremonies shall be conducted in accordance with the latest publications of the National Committee Order of the Arrow.



  1. These rules shall be subject to amendment at any Annual Meeting of the lodge, provided that such amendment(s) has (have) been proposed in writing at an executive committee meeting at least one (1) month prior to the Annual Meeting of the lodge. The executive committee shall review the proposed amendment and make a non-binding recommendation to the general membership present at the Annual Meeting. A two-thirds vote of the voting members at the meeting is required for adoption of the amendment.