Centurion Award

About the Centurion Award

Image result for centurion awards oaThe Centurion Award was created for the 2015 centennial anniversary of the Order of the Arrow to recognize those who have provided significant contributions to the lodge’s legacy.

The Award is a one-time recognition bestowed by the national Order of the Arrow committee upon nomination by the lodge. Recipients will be recognized as either a youth contributor or an adult contributor.

In 2015, more than 1,800 Arrowman received the Centurion Award. The award is a metallic totem symbolizing the centennial anniversary of the Order, suspended from a red and white ribbon.

Eight members of Madockawanda Lodge were presented with the Centurion Award.

Madockawanda Centurion Award Recipients
& Dates of Service

Bruce F. Rueger January 2005 – December 2014
Francis J. Maguire January 1960 – December 1981
Paul J. Conley June 1976 – January 2015
Joshua A. Gagnon June 1996 – December 2002
Eri Martin June 2010 – January 2015
Scott A. Valcourt November 1986 – October 1990
Michael J. Mirisola January 1979 – December 1982
Wayne P. Holden January 1972 – December 1975