National Service Award

National Service AwardNational Service Award

The National Service Award was established in 1999 to recognize lodges in each region that have performed outstanding service, both in a qualitative and a quantitative sense, to their council. Two lodges per region are awarded the National Service Award each year.

Madockawanda Lodge is proud to be one of eight lodges to be awarded the National Service Award in the first year of presentations in 2000, and to be the first lodge in the Northeast Region to earn it seven times.

Madockawanda Lodge has earned the National Service Award in the following years under the following leadership:

2000 (for 1999 service) Matt Dubois Carl Gagnon
2006 (for 2005 service) Dan Warner Bruce Rueger
2008 (for 2007 service) Aaron Wiggin Bruce Rueger
2009 (for 2008 service) Caleb Frederick Bruce Rueger
2010 (for 2009 service) Nate Smith Bruce Rueger
2012 (for 2011 service) Jeff Molina Bruce Rueger
2013 (for 2012 service) Jared Bolduc Bruce Rueger