Past Lodge Advisers

Past Lodge Advisers of Madockawanda Lodge #271lodgeadviseremblem

The Lodge Adviser is an adult position appointed by the Council Scout Executive. The Lodge Adviser works closely with the youth officers in creating and guiding the program of the lodge.

1944-1957 Frank Bailey
1957-1960 Stan McCudy
1960-1982 Frank Maguire
1982-1985 Bruce Young
1985-1986 Tim Parent
1986-1989 Paul Conley*
1990-1996 Roger Gagnon
1997-1998 Gerry Maraphy
1998-2000 Carl Gagnon
2000 Mike Kidder
2000-2004 Wayne Holden
2005-2014 Bruce Rueger
2015 Paul Conley*
2016-Present Michael Mirisola