Past Lodge Officers

Past Lodge Officers of Madockawanda Lodge #271fred head

Lodge Officers are elected annually at the Annual Business Meeting in the fall. Officers work closely with each other to provide a strong program for the Arrowmen. If you see any errors or have have information regarding some of the “unknown” columns, please contact the site admin at

1944 Stanley Gilman N/A N/A N/A
1945 Stanley Gilman N/A N/A N/A
1946 Arthur Berry N/A Jordan Prouty Jordan Prouty
1947 Cecil Fullerton N/A N/A N/A
1948 Frank Farrington Lee Weeks N/A
1949 Frank Farrington N/A N/A N/A
1950 Phillip Foss Paul Jones Bruce Lane N/A
1951 Paul Jones N/A N/A N/A
1952 Donald Higgins N/A N/A N/A
1953 Clyde E. Nason Jr. N/A N/A N/A
1954 Norman Randall N/A N/A N/A
1955 Thomas Merrill N/A N/A N/A
1956 Donald Richards N/A N/A N/A
1957 Unknown N/A N/A N/A
1958 Donald Richards N/A N/A N/A
1959 Donald Foss N/A N/A N/A
1960 David Larsen N/A N/A N/A
1961 Walter Hayes Peter Curran Alan Ayer Alan Ayer
1962 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
1963 Jay Gailey Guy Saucier Bruce Fleming Bruce Fleming
1964 Royden Leighton Dick Eachus Dave Chessey Dave Trafton
1965 David Trafton Ronnie Cross Ray Ganthner Ray Ganthner
1966 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
1967 Maurice Black Steve Curry Gary Culp Emile Bourgoin
1968 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
1969-1970 John O’Connor Charles Wilson Mike Peters Paul Bellanger
1970-1971 Curt Crosby Michael King Doug Hathaway Mickey Leighton
1971-1972 Ken Curry Paul Belanger Doug Hathaway Edward Romanoff
1972-1973 Hiram Davis Tom Konecki David Davis John Broaddus
1973-1974 Phil Brokos Ray Mercier Wayne Holden Robert Hasson
1974-1975 Phil Brokos David Davis Wayne Holden Brian Olmstead
1975-1976 John Baldwin Mike Coburn

Ben Briggs

David Parsons David Davis
1976-1977 John Baldwin Mike Coburn

Bruce Tompkins

David Parsons Beecher Whitcomb III
1977-1978 Tom Henderson David Parsons

Steven Haskell

Charles Merrill Paul Conley
1978-1979 Tom Henderson David Parsons Charles Merrill Paul Conley
1979-1980 Paul Conley Vacant Kurt Folsom Stephen Strout
1980-1981 Paul Conley Todd Savage James Novotny David Casavant
1981-1982 Mark Richard Todd Savage James Novotny Michael Perry
1982-1983 Mark Richard Todd Savage John Novotny Andrew Frye
1983-1984 John Novotny Andrew Frye Brian Marles Mike Kendall
1984-1985 Kevin Green Andrew Frye Mike Cook William Moore
1985-1986 William Moore Kevin Green Mike Cook Pat Moore
1986-1987 Sam Laney Scott Valcourt Tim Bragg Jeff Violette
1987-1988 Scott Valcourt

Rick Porter

Rick Porter

Robbie Sargent

Shawn Charest Jeff Violette
1988-1989 Shawn Charest Robbie Sargent Tim Bragg Larry Roy
1989-1990 Robbie Sargent Scott Lowe Brendan Dennis Aaron Harriman
1990-1991 William Walker Aaron Harriman Michael Fortin Brian Higgs
1991-1992 Robbie Sargent

Chris Maraghy

Tim McDonald Dave Thurston Kameel Farag
1992-1993 Paul Rioux Kameel Farag Kevin Staples Richard Burt
1993-1994 Paul Rioux Kameel Farag John Poulin Jason Lebourdais
1994-1995 Kameel Farag Richard Burt Michael Maraghy Alex Ross
1995-1996 Richard Burt Michael Maraghy Jim Thompson Alex Ross
1996 Richard Burt Michael Maraghy Paul Hallee Jim Thompson
1997 Paul Hallee Andy Frazier Bill Milasauskis Gearry Judkins
1998 Paul Hallee Andy Frazier Joe Niman Matt Clark
1999 Matt Dubois Joe Niman Josh Gagnon Shawn Stearns
2000 Matt Dubois Chris Wiley Joe Niman Adrian Caron
2001 Adrian Caron Nate Colby Chris Wiley Jared Smith
2002 Adrian Caron Nate Colby Evan Bonney Nick Gauvin
2003 Evan Bonney Justin Colby Andrew Buckley Sam Niman
2004 Paul Froman Andrew Buckley Ben Gleason Krik Gagnon
2005 Dan Warner Tom Parenteau Tom Kester Kirk Gagnon
2006 Dan Warner Aaron Wiggin Tom Kester Andrew Rueger
2007 Aaron Wiggin Stephen Molina Matt Allaire Chris Peterson
2008 Caleb Frederick Ian Hanley Matt Allaire John Knowlton
2009 Nate Smith Jarod White Matt Allaire Greg Solomon
2010 Matt Allaire Jeffery Molina Greg Solomon Kyle Connolly
2011 Jeffrey Molina Brandon Lyon Matt Southard Shane Dorval
2012 Jared Bolduc Michael Nadeau Connor Pillsbury Ian Clavette
2013 Connor Pillsbury Gregory Valcourt Jonathan Goulet Erin Donlon
2014 Zach Bald Eri Martin Shane Marshall Gregory Valcourt
2015 Jonathan Goulet

Steven Lord

Steven Lord


James Loft Andrew Aguilo
2016 Andrew Aguilo Steven Nadeau Alex Couillard Phil Dow
2017 Garrett Smith Peter Cusack Greg Morse Nivek Boostedt
2018 Misha Littlefield Nivek Boostedt Greg Morse Nick Huber
2019 Ethan Bald Greg Morse Paul Spezia Darryk K.
2020 Darryk K. William P. Caleb J. Alex Bair