Vigil Honor

About the Vigil Honor

VigilhonorThe Vigil Honor is the highest honor that the Order of the Arrow can bestow upon its members for service to the lodge, council, and Scouting. The Vigil Honor is the high mark of distinction and recognition reserved for those Arrowmen who, by reason of exceptional service, personal effort, and unselfish interest, have made distinguished contributions beyond the immediate responsibilities of their role in the Order of the Arrow and the Boy Scouts of America.

Each year the lodge puts together a Vigil selection committee to determine who will be selected for recommendation for the Vigil Honor. To be eligible for recommendation, an Arrowmen must have served at least two years as a Brotherhood member. When the committee selects those worthy, they send the recommended names to the National Order of the Arrow committee for final elevation. Since 1952, many great Arrowmen from our lodge have been bestowed with this high honor

Madockawanda Vigil Honor Recipients

1952 Frank W.P. Bailey Sirus The Dog Star
1953 Clyde E. Nason Jr. Procyon Little Dog Star
1957 Donald Richards Detelguese Forms Triangle
John Willis Deneb The Trail of Cygnus
Dana Nason Vega Bright Star That Shines from Above
Winslow Tobey Pollux Royal Star
David Larsen Capella Heads Up Sky
1958 Frank Maguire Aldebaran The Follower of Pleiades
Clyde E. Nason, Sr. Altair The Flying Eagle
1959 Andre Dionne Aquarius The Water Bearer
James Fisher Pisces The Fish
Walter Hayes Corvus The Crow
Stanley McCurdy Leo The Lion
Clinton Rose Aquila The Eagle
1960 Marc Cloutier Pollux The Small Twin
Peter J. Curran Castor The Large Twin
David L. Jeftinghoff Regulus The Ruler
1961 Alan Ayer Draco The Dragon
Lee Samuel Sagittarius The Archer
1962 Charles Berry Aries The Ram
Adrien “Pop” Poulin Orion The Hunter
1963 Bruce M. Fleming Lippoe Wisdom
John Gailey Polaris The Guide
Holman Davis Orion The Hunter
Mason MacPherson Auriga The Charioteer
1964 Roy Bowen Sigatta The Arrow
Richard Eachus Pegasus The Winged Horse
David Trafton Ursa Minor The Little Bear
Lorin “Skeet” Woods Thuban The Landmark
1965 John Cederstrom Pyxis The Compass
Willard Rodgers Indus Indian
Guy R. Saucier Lupus The Wolf
1966 Emile Bourgoin Volans Flying Fish
Clyde Clyatt Jr. Taurus The Bull
Edward “Tom” Curran Grus The Crane
David Curry Vulpecula Little Fox
Owen Larrabee Leo Minor Smaller Lion
Lawrence Mennealy Ursa Major Larger Bear
1967 Verne S. Beedy Leo The Lion
Maurice W. Black * The Apron
Edgar P. Chevalier Ursa The Bear
Gary L. Culp Alkaid The Tail
Stephen J. Curry Phecda The Thigh
Jaro A. Konecny * The Chief
Robert Nicoll Jr. Alcor The Rider
Peter Saucier * The Unknown
1968 Thomas Acker Andromeda Chained Lady
Norbert Auger Crater The Cup
George K. Cury Ara The Altar
Michael King Camelopardalus The Giraffe
John O’Connor Capella Sea Goat
Charles S. Ross Jr. Bootes Herdsman
Francis Ryan Cetus Whale
Charles J. Wilson Sr. Aries Ram
Charles P. Wilson Columba Dove
1969 Bruce Nunan Delta Orionis Belt of the Hunter
Timothy D. Parent Alcor Rider
Michael J. Peters Rigel Boot
Charles W. Ross Mizar Horse
1970 Kenneth Curry Orion Hunter
Cecil Low Corvus The Crow
Paul Belanger Procyon Little Dog
Owen Coulombe Aquila Waterbearer
John Cyr Woapalanne Eagle
John Kimball Sirius Large Dog
Robert Nicroll Sr. Peagasus The Horse
Douglass Timberlake Cepheus Great King
1971 Anthony Bertocci Nachgohuman One Who Sings
Curt Crosby Atschimolsin Counselor
Fred M. Grevat Gischelemen One Who Creates With his Mind
Robert Hasson Wachtchu Elangomat Mountain Friend
Gregory Ingalls Achowalogen Hard Worker
Willis Letteney Wulihan He Who Does Good for Others
Lloyd Varney Wendamen Fisherman
1972 Rene Daniel Chesimus Allogagan Younger Brother Who Servers
Hiram Davis Apatschin One Who Comes Back
Douglass Hathaway Tschitanitehen Perservering One
Marshall Longway Lachauweleman He Who is Concerned
1973 None
1974 Philip Brokos Meechgalanne Flawk
Joseph Boucher Leki Loyal One
David Davis Hakihet Elangomat Farmer Friend
1975 None
1976 John Baldwin Takachsin Leader
Richard Chantrill Nagatamen Trusted One
Bernard Fogarty Elemussit He Who Goes Away
Chris Hood Wischixin Active One
Conrad Metivier Allouchsit Mighty One
David Parsons Machelesin High Minded One
1977 None
1978 None
1979 Dan Baker Gunaquot Tail One
Peter Burr Tschitanissowagon Capable One
Kenneth Cole Jr. Lauchsoheen He Who Makes Others Happy
Paul Conley Wikhetschik Builder
Thomas Henderson Tshigussin Alappiechsin Silent Talker
Louis Maguire Jr. Achowalogen Hard Worker
Rev. John Sullivan Pichpemmetonhet Preacher
1980 Wayne Baitler Wilawilihan Generous One
Michael Coburn Wunita Mechinauwikenk Able Camper
David King Gilissin Aschowin Laughing Swimmer
Raymond Mercier Wowoatan Sachgachtoon Skillful Cook
Charles Merrill Chans Elder Brother
1981 Oscar Bernard Witschinden One Who Assists
Luc Caron Gischitihen Determined One
Glenn Holmes Wunita Able One
Michael Perry Achtschinkhalen Forceful One
Mark Richard Takachsin Leader
Todd Savage Klamachpin Quiet One
Leland Weeks Jr. Wulantowagon He Who Has Good Spirits
Bruce Young Klamhattenamin One of Calm Mind
1982 Andrew Frye Wullilisseu Kind One
Wayne Holden Kittaptonen One Who Assures
Mark Jenkins Tgauchsu Mild One
James Novotny Elogenmoussit Messenger
John Novotny Kschamehhellan Fast Runner
Breen Savage Witscheman Helpful One
1983 Larry Chretien Nagatamen Reliable One
Brian Marles Wschimuin One Who Files
Pat Pelletier Tgauchsin Friendly One
1984 Bob Burke Sachgachtoon Cook
Mike Cook Gischatteu One Who is Ready
Paul Ebner Pohonasin Drum Beater
Michael Mirisola Achibis He Who Gives First Aid
1985 Sam Laney Nendawen Torch Carrier
David Wilson Papesu Patient One
1986 Mark Fortin Pilawetit One Who Lifts Up
Robert Newman Wihungen One Who Sacrifices
1987 Rick Porter Eluweak Achpoques Most Powerful Mouse
Leigh Teel Wulalogenwagen One Who Does Good Work
Scott Valcourt Tschitanissowagan Capable One
1988 Shawn Charest Anicus Ground Squirrel
Chip Gay Mbi Wendamen Water Fisherman
Fred Gay Wulinaxin Good Natured One
Michael Marcotte Nipahwochwen Night Traveler
David Veilleux Ajanheledam Indifferent One
Jeff Violette Netami Witawematpanni He Who Aids First
1989 Walter Lamb Machelemuxit Honored One
Kevin Newman Papenauwelendam One Who Gets Attention
Rob Sargent II Chesimus Younger Brother
Richard Valcourt Wulelensin Proud One
1990 Michael Fortin Pilawetit Little Boy
Roger Gagnon Nanatchitaquik Business Manager
Aaron Harriman Ganschiechsin One Who Cries Aloud
Mike Kidder Glakeledam Excited One
1991 Maurice Fortin Pilawetit Little Boy
Kevin Gagnon Klakaptonaganall Mawachpo Amusing Collector
Robert Harriman Asgalendam Impatient One
Patrick Kidder Allquepi One Who Wears a Hat
1992 Lee Emery Cendatehundin Carpenter
Phillip Hammond Genteen Memhailmund Dancing Trader
Chris Maraghy Tachpachiwi Modest One
William Walker Gihim Wimachtendienk One Who Encourages Brotherhood
1993 John Cordts Jr Acgheketum Teacher – Friend
Kameel Farag Lachpikin One Who Grows Fast
Richard Gray Epigachink Foundation
Raymond Kimball Kikeyjunhet Natachtu Elder Wood Gatherer
Gerald Maraghy Nachgundin Agreeable One
Paul Rioux Kiamachpin Kuskquamalism Quiet Perplexed One
1994 Laverne Burt Glakelendam Tulpe Excited Turtle
Dave Drever Wapantpeu Genteen Gray Headed Dancer
Chad Lebourdais Wilachweichan Headstrong
Jason Lebourdais Pachedin Pemapunchk One Who Falls to Ground From Rock
1995 Shawn Arnold Wulhhala Lilencwagen One Who Protects the Law
Mark Bevan Mendawen Kitchkinet Torch Carrying Guide
Richard Burt Amendchewagan Paiachkammen Alluns Stubborn Archer
William Coffin Moschakant Peu Achtu Bald Headed Antelope
John Cordts Elangomat Witatschimoisin Elangomat Adviser
George Dawbin III Aehpequot Sisillija Wounded Buffalo
Joshua Dawbin Klamachpin Gentgeen Quiet Dancer
Myron Elbrader Tuney Sachgachtoon Bearded Cook
Robert Ferland Wulowachtauwaopin He Who Looks Beyond
Graig Howitt Wuiarneheileu Machque Gentle Bear
Gearry Judkins Gagiwantpelel-Lan Guiddy One
John Poulin Gunawuot Pennauweiaman Tail Thoughtful One
Larry Ritter Wewingtonheet Wuschgink Kkehuwet Talking Eye Doctor
Tom Thornton Kilkissin Sachgachtoon Laughing Cook
1996 Matt Clark Wulantowagan He Who Has Good Spirits
Paul Comeau Wunita One Who Knows How
James Keene Lippoe Kiamachpin Experienced Quiet One
Peter Kiepsig Wewoapisak Watchman
Michael Maraghy Quis Nachgundin Son of Agreeable One
Chad Poitras Lauchsoheen Wulalugewagan Happy One Who Does Good Work
Sam Tarbox Ailohakasin One Who Instructs
Jim Thompson Pehachpamhangik Netopalis Sailing Worker
Robert Sherwood Jr. Glakelendam Achowalogen Excited Worker
1997 Paul E. Conley Ksachamhheilan Runner
Donald Frazier Guhn Achpamsin Snow Hiker
Paul Hallee Nuwingi Willing One
Joseph Niman Nagatamen Reliable One
1998 Judith Andrews Lauchsoheen Sachgachtoon Happy Cook
George Dawbin Jr Kikey Gohkos Aged Owl
Andy Frazier Anatschihuwewgan Gautious Boater
Ira Michaud Lauchsoheen He Who Makes Others Happy
Bill Milasuskis Klamachpin Wintanematpanni Quiet Assistant
Clint Staples Tuney Machque Bearded Bear
1999 Adrian Caron Papenauweledam One Who Gets Attention
Matthew Dubois Takachsin Leader
Ronnie Frazier Tschitanjssohen One Who Strengthens
Carl Gagnon Wulaptonaelchukguonk One Who Advocates Our Cause
Josh Gagnon Ehalluchsit Damaskus Mighty Rat
Fred Offenburger Wiechcheu Allonlakasin Wolf Who Instructs
Benjamin Shean Allowat Allogagan Chief Who Serves
Shawn Stearns Meechgalhuguot Red Headed One
David Tribou Tschitgussin Silent Friend
Christopher Willey Klamchpin Achowalogen Quiet Worker
2000 Nathan Colby Gunaquot Achpoques Tail Mouse
Geoffre Howitt Kikeyin Pepere
Ross London Gischhatteu One Who is Ready
Lydon Morgan Atenkpatton Machque Fireman Bear
Aaron Nile Guttgennemen One Who Gives Back
Sybile Offenburger Sabbeleu Tipocunlwi Silver Moon
Joshua Shean Machkei Tulpe Fuchsia Turtle
Kevin Taschereau Elachtoniket Alluns Seeker of Arrows
David Vining Pennauweleman Thoughtful Talker
John Wood Achewon Achowalogen Strong Worker
Russell Wood Lippoe Gebtschaat Wise Clown
2001 Charlie Bradford Woaphokqouwon Achowalogen Grey Haired Worker
Donald Burgess Amemens Kikehuwet Child Doctor
Daniel Colby Sachgachtoon Acpowues Cooking Mouse
Wil Mercier Lippoe Elangomat Wise Friend
Scott Ogden Wilawilihan Achpiguon Generous Musician
Mike Price Kiamachpin Takachsin Quiet Leader
John Ritter Alachimuin Resting Squirrel
Adam Tanguay Wulihan He Who Does Good for Other
Lorraine Tanquay Nuwingi Achgeketum Willing Teacher
William Vogt Nagatamen Witschindin Trusted Helper
2002 Evan Bonney Gischitehen Dedicated One
Dan Viens Leke Loyal One
Henry Zwetsloot Achowalogen Elangomat Hard Working Friend
2003 Andrew Buckley Allogagan Tschitgussin He Who Serves Silently
Justin Colby Achowalogem Allogagan Hard Working Volunteer
Tim Curtis Kschamehhellan Achpiqoun Fast Running Violin Player
Leonard Niman Wunita Tgauchsin Guttgennemen One Who Knows Many and Gives Much
Arthur Price, Jr. Amendchewagan Lachxilenno Stubborn Captain
Philip Taschereau Woaphokquawon Lilchpin Elangomat Gray Haired Diligent Friend
2004 Aaron Greene Leke Pohoasin Loyal Drum Beater
Ben Gleason Wewoatomowi Lekhiket Organized Writer
Beth Froman Waphokquawon Kigischgotum Grey Haired Grasshopper
Al Warner Pilapeu Gihim Big Boy Who Encourages
2005 Paul Beaupre Tshitanitehen Persevering One
Peter Gleason Gebtschat Clown
Ian Hanley Apendelluxowagan One Who Takes Part
Samuel Miman Nendawen Anicus Torch Bearing Squirrel
Thomas Parenteau Lauchsoheen Memsochet Happy Traveler
Matthew Randall Wewingtonheet Sisilija Babbling Buffalo
Andrew Rueger Schiwapew Achgumhok Blue Fluffy
Daniel Warner Gischeleman One Who Creates with Mind
Aaron Wiggin Pennauwelman Lungawamen Thoughtful Dreamer
Tracy Wiggin Klamachpin Amangi Elangomat Quiet Big Friend
2006 Tom Kester Memhallamund Quis Kikehuwet Patch Trading Son of Doctor
Noah Lemire Gattopuin Sisilija Hungry Buffalo
Wyatt Carpenter Clamhattenmoagan Wuliechsin Steady Speaker
Steve Craig Amangi Ktemaque Big Beaver Bee
Mitch McArthur Tshitamitehen Pallikminak Preserving Unlucky One
2007 Nick Bouyea Achowalogen Elangomat Hardworking Friend
Kevin Jewett Gischuch Moskdoinmen Sunkist
Nate Smith Nochnutemaliuwet Dellsoagan Keeper of Our Traditions
Scott Adams Lilchipin Elangomat Diligent Friend
Scott Bernier Dachiguoagan Memhallamund Kichkinet Patch Trading Guide
Dave Sinclair Gischihan Takachsin One Who Makes Leader
2008 Caleb Frederick Lohumanwan Aney One Who Shows Other the Path
Stephen Molina Gunaxin Malach Niganitawan Long Haired Runner
John Trott Jr.* Welilissit Achgektum Pious Teacher
Edwina “Bunny” Wiggin* Gahowes Moskimus Motherly Hare
2009 Frieda Carpenter* Lilchpin Sashemen Diligent Sower
William Frederick* Wunita Tachan Giskhaquen Skillful Woodworker
Jarod White Wingochwen Taleka Traveling Crane
Dustin Wiggin Guhn Ktmemaque Snow Beaver
Michael McKinnet Lippoe Meschatamen Experienced One Who Remembers
2010 Priscilla Adams* Wulamhittamoewagan Elogamussit Faithful Messenger
Matt Allaire Aschtetehasik Wuntschi The Dependable One
Kyle Connolly Gilkissin Nianque Smiling Bobcat
Michael Elfring Nechasin Nutiket Vigilant Guard
David LeClaire Wteltschenmen Nemsochet Cycling Adventure
Irene LeClaire* Wipunxit Woapalanne Silver Eagle
Jeffrey Molina Pedhakquon Metschitschank Thundering Spirit
Tom Morris* Kinheu Achquetahen Sharpshooter
Bryan Thomas* Achowalogen Gebtschaat Hard Working Jokester
John Trott III Achtschinpaptonen Psakulinscheu Chattering Squirrel
Brandon Lyon Tindey Amangamek Fire Fish
2011 Jared Bolduc Tischimhammen Gischiham Paddling Handyman
Robert Carter* Gettemageleman Amochol Passionate Boat Sinker
Cindy Davis* Wewoatam Wiechenin Organized Cook
Shane Dorval Wewingtonheet Wachshu Babbling Mountain
Robert Gosselin* Nochuntemaliuwet Schindikeu Keeper of the Forest
Michael G.W Nadeau Metekenis Niganitawan String Runner
Connor Philsbury Wulamallessuwi Mos Jolly Moose
Jai Wescott* Nag’stamen Lichtewgan Reliable Thoughtful One
2012 Charles Ferguson III Nutmelen Sukachsin Watcher of the Iron Horse
Nicholas Merrow Schauwessin Hanigus Bustling Chipmunk
Paul Nadeau* Wulistammoewagan Sachgagunummen Faithful Leader
Kelly Philsbury* Gahowes Gokhos Motherly Owel
Greg Solomon Pochnummenu Nimat Drumming Brother
Don Vachon* Ndoniken Nits Vigilant Friend
2013 Erin Donlon Sachgagunmmen Lileowagan One Who Leaders Ceremonies
Zach Bald Achewicheu Niganitawn Spirited Runner
Judy Thornton* Wulalooewagan Gifted Worker
Donald Littlefield* Witchileman Machque Helpful Bear
2014 Ryan Donlon Machiechsin Meteu Loud Medicine Man
Karen Douglass* Segachtek Achgeketum Passionate Teacher
Justin Gervais Achegalogen Manitto Loyal Hard Worker
Eri Martin Wtakeu Wachtschu Kipake Cuddelly Mountain Man
Scott Martin* Litchewagan Withetschik Thoughtful Carpenter
Arthur Morse III* Woapalanne Sachgagunummen Eagle Who Leads
Matt Southard Gattopuin Wikhetschik Hunger Builder
Mary Jane Vachon* Luppoewagan Kikewagan Artful Healer
Gregory Valcourt Petasummawan He Who Lights the Way
Dean Zaharis* Tshitgue Wendasemowik W Hakey Silent Reflective One
2015 Nate Bald Wulendam Kschamehhellan Joyful Runner
Tony Bessey* Wewingtonheet Alloquepi Wiwunochwen Babbling Hat Spinner
Ronald Bickford* Aspennummen Elangomat Supportive Friend
Phil Dow Machtschimaquot Maskek Wonachxitall Smelly Swamp Toes
Jacob Gervais Machiechsin Sachgagunummen Loud Talkative Leader
Paul Gooch Allowelendam Achgeketum Passionate Teacher
Max Johnstone Wditechen Lohumanwan Contemplative Trainer
Steven Lord Petiscyanwan Tindey Fire Chaser
Steven Nadeau Tangiti Achgumhok Machque Fluffy Panda
Pete Myers* Kichkinet Wulamallessohaluwed Smiling Guide
2016 Nivek Boostedt Wtakeu Wulakenimgussin Mlissli Soft Spoken Traveler
Jeffrey Davis Skattek Kichkinet Zealous Guide
Matrim Glazier Wulatenamen Allogagan Cheerful Servant
Jody Hart* Glakelendam Witalouen Passionate Worker
Doug Hersom* Wulatenamen Tschutti Cheerful Friend
Jack Waite* Wulantowagan Mawachpo Good Spirited Collector
2017 Chris Bernier* Kichkinet Nachpikin Montawagon Guide of the Outdoors Montawagon
Edward Cockburn* Wingilauchsin Niskallo-en Silent Willing Worker
Dylan Latham Klamachpin Witalouen Quiet Worker
Larry Latham* Klamachpin Nitis Quiet Friend
Peyton Latham Klamachpin Eschochwalan Quiet Helper
James Loft Nosawoapamen Kichkinet Steadfast Guide
Owen Maguire*  Nosawoapamen Pemsit  Loyal Hiker
Charles Matthews* Psu Kikeyjumhet  Patient Elder
Dalton McElfresh  Wojaliwe Yapeechen  Leader Along the River
Garrett Smith  Tachpachiwi Sakima  Humble Chief
2018 Andrew Aguilo Allogagan Sachgagunummen Servant Leader
Mark Aportria* Gluxu Wikheu Laughing Craftsman
Ethan Bald Kschamehhellan Sakima Fast Running Chief
Jeremiah Loft* Tauchsin Tankhakanachen Good Natured Basket Weaver
Gregory Morse Achipiquon Sachgagunummen Musical Leader
Austin Van Niel* Lakusin Beson Langoma Climbing Medicine Man
2019 Liam Bock Alluns Pachulillan Arrow Splitter
Peter Cusack Nagatamen Takachsin Dedicated Leader
Connor D. Achewon Shehshohis Spirited Actor
Jeffery Doss* Lauchsoheen Sakima Smiling Chief
Steven Hayworth* Memsiat Pehachpamhangik Wandering Sailor
Sam Martin Weichtuney Achowalogen Bearded Worker
Blaine Porter* Lippoe Netopalis Educated Warrior
Ryan Poulin* Welankuntewi Gihim Peaceful Motivator
Paul Spezia Wulamehelleu Eligunkhaki Gentle Giant

*adult recipient