Lodge Store

img_2202The Madockawanda Lodge Store provides sashes, handbooks, nalgenes, pocket flaps, pocket knifes, hoodies, t-shirts, hats, purple shoulder loops, bolo ties, and more.

If you have any questions about the lodge store, please contact the lodge store advisor Greg Solomon (gsol271@gmail.com)

2019 Business Dates

University of Scouting March 9th Freeport High School
Ordeal Weekend I June 1st, 2nd Camp William Hinds
New England Fellowship
(small selection of items may be available)
June 8th Treasure Valley SR, MA
Ordeal Weekend II June 15th, 16th Camp Bomazeen
75th Anniversary Day July 13th Camp William Hinds
Ordeal Weekend III September 21st, 22nd Camp William Hinds
Maine Conclave (LLD) September 27th, 28th Camp William Hinds
Lodge Annual Banquet December 7th TBA | Host Abanaki Chapter