Monthly Updates

Here are some of the current details of things going on in the lodge. Several of these are action items as discussed at recent LEC meetings. Be on the lookout for the latest edition of  Turtle Soup which will include more in-depth information on lodge happenings.

[2018-5 MAY – MW Monthly Update]


  1. Beaver Work Days
  2. New England Fellowship
  3. Scout-o-rama
  4. Induction Weekends (Ordeals)
  5. Outrigger Project
  6. May/June Dates

[2018-4 APRIL – MW Monthly Update]


  1. Election Season – Ending Soon
  2. Scout-o-Rama
  3. New England Fellowship (formally Conclave) – Registration Open
  4. May Chapter Meeting Theme
  5. Report your Service Hours
  6. Unit of Excellence Award
  7. April/May Dates

[2018-3 MARCH – MW Monthly Update]


  1. Campership
  2. Dues
  3. Elections
  4. Open Committee Positions
  5. Lodge Store Merch Ideas
  6. Patch Ideas needed
  7. March/April Dates