Troop Representatives

 OA Troop Representative ProgramOA-Troop-Representative

The OA Troop Representative program is designed to help keep communication, and a strong relation between the Order of the Arrow and the Boy Scout Troops. Each troop with Arrowmen should appoint a youth to serve as their representative. Adult Arrowmen who are Assistant Scoutmasters, and at least 21 years of age may serve as an “OA Troop Representative Adviser”.

Screen shot 2013-06-02 at 10.29.33 PMThe role of Troop Representative is not a simple one. The representative should have great communication and people skills. Representatives play one of the most important roles within the Order of the Arrow, as they’re the ones to serve as a bridge between the troop and the order. Representatives need to be obedient, courteous, and open minded. In order to officially serve as a representative, an Arrowemen must fill out the lodge’s OA Troop Representative Application, and submit it to the Pine Tree Council office in Raymond.

Troop Representative Application

Troop Representative Adviser Application

The OA Troop Representative will focus on the following four primary areas:

  • Building the troops relation with the order
  • Linking Order of the Arrow resources to their troop
  • Encouraging Arrowmen to partake in OA activity throughout the year
  • Encouraging Arrowmen to pay their membership dues on time

Troop Representative

The OA Troop Representative’s goal is to strengthen the image of the Order of the Arrow as a program enhancement in service of the Troop. Well serving as an OA Troop Representative, you are the bridge between the troop and order. Below are some of the main goals and duties an OA Troop Representative should follow.

  • Represents their troop by attending all chapter meetings
  • Reminds Arrowmen in their troop to pay their membership dues
  • Encourages their Arrowmen to participate in OA activity
  • Schedules annual OA Troop Electionsignia

Troop Representative Adviser

The role of the OA Troop Representative Adviser is to support and oversee the Youth OA Troop Representative. The adviser will work closely with Youth Representative throughout his term to make sure goals are being met and communication is being kept between the Lodge/Chapter and the Troop. Below are some of the main duties and goals that an OA Troop Representative Adviser should follow.

  • Guide and supports the OA Troop Representative with delivering information from the lodge and chapter
  • Oversees that the OA Troop Representative is keeping in contact with lodge and chapter leadership
  • Helps the OA Troop Representative encourage Arrowmen to pay their membership dues
  • Sees that the OA Troop Representative is attending all chapter meetings

 Uniform Insignia

There is an official position patch for both the OA Troop Representative and the OA Troop Representative Adviser. Both these emblems are available for purchase at the Madockawanda Lodge Store and Pine Tree Council Scout Shop. These patches are to be worn on the left sleeve of the uniform below the unit numbers.